We continuously adjust our production and manufacturing processes, we ensure that hazardous substances are disposed of properly, that water is conserved, and that our products are made from sustainable, carefully selected environmentally friendly materials wherever possible.

Opti is constantly increasing the use of recycled materials without compromising on performance. We monitor and reduce the use of water in the dyeing processes and our employees constantly reduce the usage of hazardous chemical by new production methods.

We focus always on both the zipper chain and the tape and by using recycled materials this helps to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigates climate change. Just think of how many zippers we sell every year? Innovative manufacturing can really make a big difference.

Knowing the environmental impact of the fashion industry, within Opti we are extremely careful and active in finding solutions to mitigate our carbon footprint, always mindful of environmental protection.

Anyone who chooses Opti as a partner activates a chain of responsible and sustainable actions that affect our planet. Opti believes that from small parts come big benefits.