Opti Group employee in factory during zipper production
Zipper production at Opti Group
Sustainable products for a better future

About opti

We belief that experience is the basis for success. Opti allows employees to achieve ambitious goals and to make mistakes on the way. At the same time, we insist on quality in everything we do through great and innovative ideas and inventions. we never compromised on the quality of design and performance.

We are capable of covering the entire cycle of design and production. The boundaries for Opti are global, with productions sites in Germany, Italy, Estonia and Turkey. Opti is the international reference player in the zip industry. We combine Italian design and German engineering with Estonian efficiency and the experience of our Turkish colleagues in a fast-paced industry.

Sustainable Opti Group zippers lying in the grass
Employee holding zipper material

We meet the market dynamics by setting-up the industrial-scale production and create customised solutions for our customers.

R&D is the key to sustainable, smart and ethical design. Both product development and production chain respect the environment and the people.

Materials for Opti Group zippers
reduce the use of water in the dyeing processes